Cardinal 225 "Navigator" Weight Indicator

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Models Of Cardinal 225 "Navigator" Weight Indicator

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Cardinal 225 “Navigator” Weight Indicator – EC App. N/a N/a N/a

These scales are:

Product Applications


Product Features

EC Approved Display
Stainless IP66 Enclosure complete with wall bracket
Graphical LCD Display viewable in any lighting condition.
240/110 VAC Intelligent Internal Power Supply (12-24VDC Option).
Powers up 14 each 350 ohm loadcells
Easy Menu Driven setup and calibration using Soft Keys
Option of up to 3 Scale inputs with totalising.
Multi-functional Indicator with Alpha Numeric keypad:
> Digital Fill Control with 8 input/16 output control lines
> 16 PWC outputs
> 200 ID storage with an additional 100 temporary ID\\\\\\\'s
> Batching and Check-weighing
4 serial ports, 3 Bi-directional RS232 or 20mA configurable Infrared (IR) data port.
Gross, Tare & Net calculation & units conversion
High Resolution Mode
Dual Scale Board for a 1,2,or 3 scale system.
Analogue Output, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth and more
Easily Design Labels & tickets with N-Control Software