AGP Retail Scales EC Approved

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Models Of AGP Retail Scales EC Approved

Model Capacity Divisions Plate Size
AGP 3 Retail Scale EC Approved 3 kg 1 g 250 x 215 mm
AGP 15 Retail Scale EC Approved 15 kg 5 g 250 x 215 mm
AGP 6 Retail Scale EC Approved 6 kg 2 g 250 x 215 mm

These scales are:

Product Applications

Price Computing Retail Scale.

Product Features

Bold type LCD displays for weight, unit price & total price.
Memory accumulation, non-weighed article, fixed unit price, manual zero & full range tare.
Auto power saving & power on zero tracking.
x 10 Extended display function.
Following only operational when printer attached accumulation & calculator function,
M+, MR, MC and Data recall for weighing & Printing of transactions.
For weighed and non-weighed articles.
Metric only.
Price per Kg only.
Mains or rechargeable Battery (200 hours) - Battery & Charger supplied.
Switchable Price per Kg & Price per 100g.
RS232 as standard.
UTP compatible.
Dust Cover.
Stamping fee included.