GFK Weighing Scales

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Models Of GFK Weighing Scales

Model Capacity Divisions Plate Size
GFK 75 Weighing Scale 75 kg 5 g 400 x 500 mm
GFK 75H Weighing Scale 75 kg 1 g 400 x 500 mm
GFK 150 Weighing Scale 150 kg 10 g 400 x 500 mm
GFK 150H Weighing Scale 150 kg 2g 400 x 500 mm
GFK 300 Weighing Scale 300 kg 20 g 400 x 500 mm
GFK 600 Weighing Scale 600 kg 50 g 600 x 800 mm

Product Applications

Check weighing.
Percentage weighing.
Dynamic / Animal weighing.
Check weighing.
Check counting.

Product Features

Full tare range.
Accessible internal rechargeable battery.
Large backlit LCD display with capacity tracker.
Battery operation with auto-off to save battery life.
Parts counting with freely selectable sample sizes.
Check weighing LED lights to show acceptable limits.
Automatic accumulation.
Bi-directional RS232 output for connection to computers and printers.