CBD Bench Counting Scales

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Models Of CBD Bench Counting Scales

Model Capacity Divisions Plate Size
CBD 3 Bench Counting Scale 3 Kg 0.1 g 225 x 275 mm
CBD 6 Bench Counting Scale 6 Kg 0.2 g 225 x 275 mm
CBD 15 Bench Counting Scale 15 kg 0.5 g 225 x 275 mm
CBD 30 Bench Counting Scale 30 kg 1 g 225 x 275 mm

Product Applications

Weight accumulation.
Parts counting.
Check counting.
Count accumulation.
Dual scale parts counting.

Product Features

Supports remote scale of up to 4 load-cells for enhanced weighing and counting.
100 PLU\\\'s with description, unit weight and tare weight can be stored in the memory and recalled for quick counting.
RS232 bi-directional interface for connection to printers and computers.
Programmable for counting to a pre-set number of parts.
Memory accumulation of count and weight used in batching applications.
Preset tare can be entered using the full alpha numeric keypad.
Re-chargeable battery with up to 90 hours operation Mains AC adapter supplied as standard.
Internal count resolution 1:600,000.
Stainless steel pan.
Non-slip adjustable feet.